celebrating my cunt

The lovely Miss Ivy has given me a new assignment. It involves celebrating my cunt. You can read her assignment here:

And now for my reply….

When looking at my cunt, there are many thoughts that come to mind.

I love the color of my cunt. My skin is pale and my lips are a soft pink. My arousal is creamy and white. I am soft to the touch. I often enjoy just running my fingertips over my lips. They are plushy to the touch. They are meaty.

I adore the shape of my cunt. At least the shape of my lips when i spread my legs and open myself up. I love the look of my inner folds. I feel they are perfect and beautiful.

My outer lips however, I’m not crazy about. when they are shaved and you look at my pussy straight on, I call them my “naked chicken”. I don’t know, I think it looks like a chicken’s beak.. I just do. I know makes no sense.

I refer to my vagina as either my cunt or my pussy. Depends on my mood. Cunt is what gets fucked. Pussy is what gets made love to. That’s all I really refer to my cunt as. Except the “naked chicken” that was mentioned above.

I guess I don’t like calling it things that sound childish… like pee pee or va jay jay. Va jay jay makes me giggle, but I never refer to mine as that.

I like all kinds of touches to my cunt. I love feeling finger tips stroke, pinch and pull at my lips. I like fingertips that gently run along my slit and clit. Warm tongues licking me all over inner and outer. I like hard slaps too. I have cum before with a fierce clitoral slapping. I enjoy feeling a finger or two slide inside me. Or a nice warm tongue. And of course… oh the cock! Whether it be running along my pussy lips teasing, or plunging deep within me. Pure heaven.

To masturbate… if just using my fingers, they rub hard and fast back and forth over my clit. No insertion required. When I masturbate, I use either just a clitoral stimulator, which always gets the job done, but I love having something inside me as well to clench on. Using a rabbit vibe works great for this, but using any kind of dildo works as well.

Oh my orgasms.. well.. my orgasms are powerful and I love that. You’ve heard them my dears. I lose myself in them. Sometimes I am quiet, sometimes I am loud. Sometimes they build and build and build until finally exploding. Sometimes they are quick and sweet. Sometimes I tease myself by taking myself to the edge and then holding off. I enjoy having fun with my orgasms. They can completely suck the life out of me.

I do love my cunt. It is a source of power and pleasure.


Thank you Diva and Best Sex Bloggers for including this post in Week in Kink

9 Responses to celebrating my cunt

  1. lostgirley says:

    The photo is very nice, but even more I love the picture you paint with your words. Such a yummy piece of the body. :)

  2. Heilan says:

    Mina, such powerful writing! It paints may different pictures, as to how you like your cunt/pussy to be played with. Sylvanus must enjoy each quirk!

    Heilan xxxx

  3. nitebyrd says:

    Hell, Mina! After that, *I* love your cunt! Wow!

  4. trinity-pup says:

    lovely words… and yes i love it too! ;-)

    t. x

  5. Mina says:


    thank you very much.

    xoxox mina


    thank you and I like to think he does.

    xoxox mina


    oh my! *blush* well thank you.

    xoxoxo mina


    thank you!

    xoxox mina

  6. BRIAN says:

    love this my dick is so throbing. any as horney as i we can exchange thots emotions o what the hell—… we can have a fuvck fest– email ebmlima@gmail.com

  7. Ferret says:

    Beautiful words girl & yes we all love your cunt !!!

  8. Most Men says:

    You are all delsional bumb cunts with penis envy.

    Sorry! suck ir up and move on


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