my imagined wedding night fuck

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Even though I had been going to work this last week, it was hard getting to bed last night. I went to bed with the reality that the normal work week is upon us once more. The time for holidays and days off are gone. Last week I worked 2 days then off one, then on one and then off one again.  So now it’s back to the regular work schedule.

Yesterday evening was spent researching wedding packages. We seem to have settled on a date and on a venue. Now it’s time to make things happen.

As I crawled into bed, I was excited by the thought that I was going to be married this year. I was curious and asked Sylvanus if he were excited about his previous wedding. As he talked about his past experience, I was both happy that I would be giving him a more positive wedding (and marriage), but also sad by the thought that he had done this before, with a woman who would turn out to betray her vows and let him down. An undeserving woman as far as I’m concerned, but that’s all in the past. Things happen for a reason and we found each other because of them.

Earlier, Sylvanus and I had discussed if I should rent or buy my dress. The more practical thing would be to rent, because really, when am I ever going to wear it again? However, we are both well aware that should I buy it, we would take it out from time to time and do a little role play.

I have a fetish, you see. I have this strong and aching desire to be fucked in my wedding dress. So when Sylvanus said that he can imagine me getting ready for our wedding night sex, I replied that there would be no “getting ready”. In my head, the second we closed that room door, he would pounce on me and take me and fuck me in my wedding dress. There are no preparations for that.

Naturally, our desires were heated and Sylvanus requested I straddle his face. There I was, hands pressed against the bedroom wall, pussy being licked by him as he asks me how I imagined being fucked in my wedding dress. I tell him I imagine being on my back at the edge of the bed, him standing, holding onto my legs and ramming into me.

His words muffled by my pussy, he tells me he likes the idea of me on top.

He pushes me away and onto my back. He slides me over to the side of the bed. No lube is needed as I am wet and ready for him. He holds my legs up as he plunges into me. Over and over he plunges into me. His words speak of how he will fuck his wife on her wedding night.  That he loves being able to fuck his wife, but even better, how he loves giving her orgasms.

Sylvanus reaches for gigi and places her on my clit. I reach down and take her into my own hand. He continues his ramming. Harder and harder he fucks me. I feel my clit begin to tingle. I feel as though I am going to have an orgasm if he keeps this up. He slows down a bit, perhaps to collect himself so he doesn’t spill into an orgasm too soon.

He grips my legs harder and rams into me again. Yes, yes I can feel it. I am going to cum. Suddenly I explode into an outrages orgasm as he fucks my pussy. My screams bounce of the walls. I have never felt anything like this before.

As we lay in our afterglow, I realize that I have never had an orgasm while being fucked. I mean really fucked. Like cock ramming into me hard and fast. The reason for this is that I require clitoral stimulation to cum. Naturally, fast and hard thrusts do not allow for too much stimulation. Having gigi made all the difference.

I think I am going to enjoy my wedding day.

7 Responses to my imagined wedding night fuck

  1. Kyma says:


  2. Mina says:


    yes it will be! *wink*

    xoxox mina

  3. nitebyrd says:

    THAT, is going to be the absolute best wedding night in history!

  4. ~Storm says:

    Mina, this was hot! I hope your wedding night is just as hot and I can TOTALLY understand wanting to be fucked in your wedding dress. Don’t rent it (wink) so you’ll be able to role play to your heart’s content!

    Oh and by the way, want to exchange links?

  5. Mina says:


    *blush* I really do hope it is!

    xoxox mina


    I know I know! I am so very very tempted to buy my dress so that we can role play over and over again. *grins* We are going to have a large dry cleaning bill and I’ll probably get a few odd looks for bringing in my wedding dress several times a year. *giggles*

    xoxox mina

  6. [...] me at the edge of the bed. Until he decided there would be an easier way of fulfilling my “getting fucked in my wedding dress” [...]

  7. Jay says:

    Damn wish I was marrying you

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