wednesday night with MasterC

August 11, 2011

It’s different this time. Unlike the last three of his visits (wow it’s only been three!), this fourth one occurs in the evening. I have the place for myself and for one night, I have him all to myself. Gone are the stresses of the work day for him, but above that, gone are the schedules. Time appears to be on our side this time.

It starts like most visits. I had an idea for an elaborate plan on how to greet him when he comes through my door, which would involve me not actually at the door, but all plans get thrown out the window. It’s been too long since the last visit. The second he walks through the door, my heart bursts and I need to be in Master’s arms.

It always begins with an embrace. We hold it each other tight. Our breathing grows heavy as we take each other in. We get lost in the moment, feeling our bodies pressed together, taking in the scent of one another, enjoying the taste of each others lips. We break away long enough to look into each others eyes and observe the smiles on our faces. When I finally see Master, it’s like a dream come true. Even though he is with me and I can see, touch, taste, hear, and feel him, it still feels like a dream. I can’t believe he is with me, finally with me, and it takes awhile for this unbelievable reality to sink in.

We break apart, and Master’s hands are on my body. He explores me first, over my clothes, before letting his hands sink underneath the fabric. Immediately, his hands grasp my breasts hard, squeezing them within his grip. His fingers pinch my nipples, lifting me onto my toes.

He turns me around, his hand slides up my skirt and he is surprised, even after four visits now, to find I am not wearing any panties. He squeezes my ass and his fingers slide to his cunt, already greeted by wetness. Master slides his fingers inside his cunt and begins molesting me. He alternates between finger fucking me and pressing hard into my g spot. When he’s not pounding his fingers inside me, he is stimulating my clit to the point of near over stimulation. My legs tremble as he touches me.

Master turns me around. He grabs my arms and has me cross them behind my back, holding onto my own forearms. He slips his arms underneath them, wrapping around to the front of my body, as his hands grab my breasts. He lifts me up from behind and carries me into the living room, where our sadistic night begins.


Master removes my clothes slowly and turns me so I face a certain direction. His hands gently run along my body. His eyes are on my body as his hands glide over every curve. He turns me again, a new angle for him to explore. His hands run up and down, his eyes following, taking in every inch of me. Again, he turns me slightly, a new area to explore, until finally I am once again face to face with him.

“I’d like to be inside your head, just to hear your thoughts as you do this.” I tell him.

“They are in my fingertips. Simply exploring you. Getting familiar with the touch of you once more. Getting familiar with every aspect of your body.”

Master moves behind me, his hands gliding down and over my breasts. He focuses all his attention on my breasts and nipples. I find that I close my eyes a lot, to take in the feel of everything that is happening. I often forget that the sight of things is often even more arousing. I open my eyes and watch his hands slide down my chest and over my breasts. I watch as it is Master’s hands sliding down, covering my soft breasts. Over and over he does this and the sight of it begins to arouse me immensely. He takes my nipples between his fingers and gently pinches them. I moan and my back arches, naturally pressing my ass into his crotch. I turn my head to press my nose against the flesh of his neck and breathe him in as his hands continually caress my breasts. I let my lips find his flesh and kiss him over and over as his hands glide over me. I abandon myself and allow my hands to grasp his head and neck and I pull him into me and we get lost in each other once more.

Warm up

I stand, bent over at the waist, pressing my ass out for Master, as my hands hold steady on the arm of the couch. I feel his hands run along my ass, before they slowly start slapping my flesh. It is soft at first, the tap tap tapping of his hand. It quickly picks up momentum and power. It doesn’t take long before I feel the heat emanating from my ass. I run my hands along the heat. I love feeling the redness from a fresh spanking.

Master excuses himself for a brief moment and I can hear he is gathering the tools for the evening. He reappears but I do not turn around to see what he has. I can hear him behind me, working on something and I am not quite sure what is going on, until I hear that familiar unraveling thud onto the floor. Master has brought out his rope. Of course I am instantly excited. He fashions a collar around my neck, with the remainder of the rope acting as a long lead. He places the rope collar above my trachea and pulls upwards a bit asking me if anything hurts and making sure I am comfortable. I tell him everything feels great.

Addicted to the edge

Unlike the last time, I am standing as Master treats me to my new addiction of breath play. He stands behind me, holding me for support as he pulls upwards on the rope. I feel the gentle tightening of the fibers against my life force. The pulse in my neck grows strong until, Master releases me, only this time, his hands assault my breasts as the wave of dizziness hits my head. It’s an erotically charged feeling, of my head floating and his hands squeezing and caressing my breasts.

Master does this several times, but in one instance, he really takes me to the edge. He releases the pull on the rope and the rush of warmth hits my body. I feel this tingle right down to my toes and I smile as I melt into his arms and grow weak in the knees. Master has to hold me as I let the tingling feeling take over my body and I just enjoy my new drug. My new addiction.

My breasts and the nylon cane

Master has brought a new package with him. I do not know what’s inside. He tells me I have a choice. We can either open what’s in the package and use it right away, or use one of the implements we are already familiar with. Regardless, all will get used. I surprise him (I mean I truly shocked him. You should have seen his face) and say I’d like to start with what we are already familiar with.

Ah the nylon cane. Such a wicked implement, or “ouchie” as I like to call it. Master has a vision for his canvas. Tonight he wants to paint my breasts with delicate strokes of the cane. He uses one hand, slapping the cane against it, while the tip stings my breasts. At first, it’s quite bearable, until he really settles into the movement. Each strike stings my breast and I find myself turned into a little pony. As the strikes become harder and harder to take, my foot, generally the one associated on the same side of the body as my breast, begins stamping on the floor. Back and forth as he alternates between each breasts. I moan and growl and Master smiles, taunting me with words I cannot remember.

After Master's touch

“Fucker,” I call him.

The day after

“Oh?” he replies. “I’m a fucker now?”

He moves behind me, laying the cane against my ass. I suddenly regret calling him a Fucker. OK maybe not. He lays into me several times and I feel the lick of the cane against my backside. He moves back to my front side. His attentions once again on my breasts as he finishes his artwork.

Meeting the new ouchies

Before meeting the new toys, Master uses an old enemy on me. The dressage whip. I love to hate that thing. Standing at arms and whips length away, Master uses the dressage whip’s tip on my backside. This one really makes me say “owie”. It stings like a mother fucker. As if that isn’t enough, Master uses it as a vicious whip on me as well. I howl as he strikes me.

Now it’s time for a new toy. I do not know what it is as Master removes it from it’s packaging. I dare not look behind. The first few strikes leave me guessing and in honesty barely hurt at all. This changes soon after. Master picks up momentum and the new toy, which I would later discover is a bull whip, lashes at my body. He uses my own body as my own enemy. He gently flicks the leather at my side, allowing the natural momentum of the whip wrapping around my body to do all the work, until finally the tip lashes at my flesh on the other side. The whip will wrap on one side and sting on the other. Such a wicked mind fuck. Master has fun painting my back side with the bull whip. He exclaims the marks are just lovely.

After Master's touch

He takes a short break and I run my hands along the numerous welts forming. A few are thick

The day after

and pronounced as he guides my fingers over them. I am proud of my stripes. Master puts the whip down and presents a wooden dowel rod. I huff at it. Master moves besides me and tells me I am to take 5 hard hits and to count them. He begins by lightly tapping and then the first blow hits. ONE. Again back to a few hits that aren’t very hard then, TWO. Few more lighter hits, THREE. Hit, hit… FOUR. Back to several smaller hits and finally FIVE. He continues the “softer” hits and I am left to wonder, should he continue to hit me hard again,  do I need to count those as well? He stops before I need to answer my inner question.

To the bedroom

Master commands me on all fours and adjusts the rope collar so that it is in the right place. He places the wooden dowel rod on my back and tells me to heel at his side. I am also to balance the rod all the way down the hall and into the bedroom while on all fours. I have to keep up my pace as Master has a tight grip on the rope. The closer I get to the bedroom, the less air I am breathing. Such a wonderful feeling.

Once in the bedroom, Master commands me onto the bed and I kneel in front of him. He commands me to open my mouth as wide as I possibly can. He slaps me a few times before letting his fingers slide down into the back of my throat. I resist the urge to gag. He pulls out, slapping me a few more times and licking my open mouth with his his tongue. Master slides his finger back down my throat. This time however, I gag and cough. It is of no matter to Master as he tells me I am a good girl and that I can relax. I watch as Master begins to take his suit off, until he is fully nude and he joins me on the bed.

Becoming Master’s cock whore

It doesn’t take long before my mouth is on Master’s cock. I had been dreaming of this moment since the last time I made him orgasm into my mouth. I begin taking him into my mouth, deep, allowing the saliva to thicken and flow. I pull back on his foreskin, exposing the head of his cock and I circle my tongue around it. I suck on him gently and hear his moans. I run my hand up and down his shaft. He’s the perfect size for me. I can grip him tight and I love doing so, running my tongue up his outer shaft as my hand strokes along the inside, all the while looking Master in the eyes.

“I have an idea,” he says. “Let’s go into the bathroom. Get on all fours.”

Master leads me into the bathroom and we stop on the first bath mat. He stands, while I kneel before him.  I take his cock into my mouth, but this time, he holds my head in place as he begins fucking me. He makes me gag and cough and tears form in my eyes but I fucking love it. He gives me back control and I suck him eagerly, until he stops me again and tells me to get into the tub.

Immediately the excitement builds within me. We have discussed this unique fetish, each of us curious. We have even engaged in some texting fantasy play, but now, this may actually happen!


***warning the following section explores piss play. If you are not at all interested, skip this and go to the next section.***

Once in the tub, Master moves closer and his erection makes me lick him, until he moves his cock away from my face. I feel it on my shoulder first, the warm liquid that escapes his body. Upon the first stream I moan and so does Master. His urine begins to bathe me. All of me. It runs over my chest and down my breasts. As the stream hits the base of my neck, it spatters and hits my face. I do not care. I’ve wanted this experience. I allow the warmth to hit my lips and I even lick them to get a little taste. Master’s bladder is full and the golden shower continues on for what seems a very long time. All the while I moan with the excitement of a new fetish being explored. Master is moaning as well. I’m not sure how much of his moans are from his own pleasure, or more of the difficulty of pissing through a hard erection. His piss doesn’t smell strong at all and I even giggle a bit as I think it smells like popcorn.

It’s what I’ve always wanted really. A Master who so captures my heart, soul and mind that I’m pushed to the edge. A true mind fuck that leaves me desiring, of all things, to be bathed in his piss. Yes, I fucking loved it. Next time, I really need to look into his eyes and watch the piss come out of his cock. I got lost in the sensations and kept my eyes closed.

Back in bed

After having rinsed me clean and toweled me dry, Master and I move back into the bedroom, where I finish what I started. I suck Master’s cock and bring him to an amazing orgasm that makes me smile. It looks like an orgasm that I, myself, have. His body trembles beneath me and he continues to shudder for a long time after his release. It pleases me to bring him so much pleasure.

The mundane

What follows after for the next few hours is rather intimate for us. It’s something I wish to keep for myself. At least the details of it. This fourth visit proves to be a very special one for us as new grounds are broken and we get to know each other as people and not just Master and slave.

We pillow talk for quite sometime, until we get dressed and take my dog out for a walk together. I offer him something to eat when we return, it is late now and he says he is not at all hungry. I, on the other hand, need to put something in my stomach. So we chat, while standing in my kitchen, occasionally asking the dog to do one of her behaviors as I eat a very light snack.

We head back into the bedroom, I strip down naked immediately. I comment on how it is a shame he is clothed again. He teases me, asking me how I’ll ever convince him to remove his clothes. I tell him he can’t fuck me through his pants. He gets up, takes his suit off once more and he looks down at his erection. “I think I’m ready to fuck you now.” I laugh at the cuteness of his statement, but what follows after is no laughing matter. It’s one of the most intimate experiences I have ever encountered and it’s one I wish to keep to myself.

After the sex comes more pillow talk and the enjoyment of being with each other. I finally present him his birthday gift. It’s a painting I created for him. My very first attempt at painting ever. He loves it. I am happy. It is a gift that truly comes from my heart.

Times comes to an end. It’s one in the morning and he must make the drive back home. This is the hardest part of his visit. The time that he must go brings such sadness to my heart. He tells me something that I will try to hold onto to keep my spirits high until the next time we can see each other again….

“Our goodbyes are just the beginning for the next time we see each other.”


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