our open marriage – provoking TC

Read “Meeting TC for the first time” and “Desire for TC” …. now the story continues…

It should be said that TC is not a Dominant. Having said that, it should also be said that he is not a submissive. At this point in time, neither one of us has any desire to explore a d/s relationship together. However, we both very much have dominant and submissive tendencies. I want to be dominated by TC just as much as he wants me to dominate him. So it came as no surprise that I wanted to provoke the dominant side of TC, especially since he’s never had the opportunity to truly have his way with a woman.

TC reached over and began tickling my side. I looked at him quizzically. He wanted to know if I was ticklish. I told him I very much can be, but it also depends on how relaxed I am as well. The more relaxed I am, the more I can resist being ticklish. His hands moved down to my feet and I panicked. He had found my weakness. My feet are VERY ticklish. I can get to the point that I am relaxed enough to have them massaged, but generally, I can’t have them touched. To tickle them is to welcome a swift kick to the head that I cannot be held responsible for. 

After TC was done threatening my feet, I decided to test him. TC does not enjoy pain as I do, so I jokingly acted like I was going to pinch his nipple hard. He told me I should rethink what I was about to do. If I pinch him, he would tickle my feet. I relented, for the time being. I have to admit, it was too tempting. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to see TC’s dominant side. I wanted to provoke him. It was far too tempting, but I also did not want the results to be a severe tickling. 

The desire to provoke an angry response from him was too strong and I began verbalizing my thoughts of getting a good pinch in and running out of the bed. To which he began pinning me down with his long legs and arms. I wanted more. I wanted to push him over the edge. I began trying to fight him and bite him. The switch had been turned on. I no longer feared him tickling me. No, we were long past that point. He wanted to have his way with me now. 

TC grabbed my wrist and ankle cuffs and he secured my arms behind my back and cuffed my ankles together. He flipped me onto my stomach. He spanked me a few times using his hands, but then reached for a sturdy, plastic ruler he had brought with him. My ass was his to use. He struck my ass many times with the ruler making me whimper and squirm. He struck the same spots over and over. I felt a delicious mix of stinging pain and rising heat. He spread my cheeks, checking to see how wet I had gotten. He used this wetness to coat his fingers, before sliding one into my ass. I moaned beneath him. It had been awhile since someone had used my ass for their pleasure. TC let his fingers stretch and fuck my ass. He would later tell me it would be the first time he properly fingered a girl’s ass. 

TC rolled me onto my back. He had me spread my thighs for him. He used the ruler on me expertly. It struck my inner thighs and my pussy lips. I startled and flinched. I moaned and whimpered. All the while I became more and more wet. Occasionally my thighs would begin closing together, and TC would sternly remind me to open them back up again. When he was done using the ruler on me, he told me I was a “good girl”. I melted. There is nothing sexier than the low, masculine voice of an Englishman when he says, “good girl.” Oh fuck I loved it when TC said it. He told me I was a “naughty girl” and this had the same effect on me. It’s the way he said “naughty” and “girl” that just made me wet. He played with me awhile, making me crazy as he selected his words carefully and turned me on. 

He unclasped my ankle cuffs, allowing me the use of my legs again. He unclasped my wrists as well, allowing me the use of my hands, but not before first ramming his cock in my mouth, getting it ready for what was to come next. Because I had been such a good girl for TC, he put  a condom on his erection and allowed me to straddle him. It felt amazing to have him once more in this position. I ground against him, hard. I was almost lost in the pleasure of it when TC grabbed my cuffed wrists and brought them in front of me. He clasped them together again. As he held onto the cuffs, TC grabbed the ruler. He began smacking my breasts with it. 

I would like to say he was soft and gentle, but he wasn’t. TC made sure that ruler landed on my nipples with each hard swat. I whimpered and squirmed. The more I tried to get away by squeezing my arms together and leaning back, the more my breasts were presented to him. Evil bastard. Then there was that look in his eyes. It’s that dominant look. His eyes were wild with deviance. I was both nervous and excited to see that look. I was happy to see that look as well, as I knew he was finally able to embrace a side of him he had not explored before. He would later confess to me that he got quite a lot of enjoyment watching me try to lean away from him, only to have him keep me held close to him and at his mercy. 

When all of the torture was done, TC allowed my hands to be free again and I rode his cock hard. The orgasm was elusive for me and before I knew it, our bodies were slick with sweat. TC didn’t leave me completely alone. He told me to say, “I’m a slut” over and over for him as I ground into him. Each time louder than the last. Finally, at last, I felt my orgasm rise and crash and when I rolled off of TC, the sheets were wet with sweat beneath us. 

To be continued… 

© At Longings End 

7 Responses to our open marriage – provoking TC

  1. itsmeblog2012 says:

    Really hot! You’ve inspired me to bring a ruler to bed tonight. I can’t wait to try it!

  2. The Temptresss says:

    Very interesting writing. I’ve never been into pain, but perhaps ….

  3. Molly says:

    The temptation to provoke is one that I often battle with… I have to be careful though, getting it wrong can have alarming consequences!


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  5. Pensive says:

    I am loving your TC posts. And impressed with your ability to rouse the Dominant in him. This relationship sounds like so much fun–and exactly what you need.

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