“How To Get A Sex Blogger To Have Sex With You”

“How to get a sex blogger to have sex with you (or “why I am not fucking you”)”

Every once in awhile a post comes out that cannot be ignored. AvFlox has written such a post. I encourage everyone who *thinks* they know what a sex blogger is all about to read it.

I’m a sex blogger. That means I write about sex. Does that mean I have sex? If I write about it in a non-fiction publication, then you can safely infer that yes, I do. Does that mean I will have sex with you? No, it does not.

If you infer that I must enjoy sex because I write about it favorably, you’re correct: I do. This does not mean necessarily that I have it randomly. It just means I have good sex. In my experience, having good sex is more than being good at sex – it’s about picking suitable partners. That means that I have a very precise vetting process for potential partners.

Thus, messaging me proclaiming you want to fuck me will not result in me replying in the affirmative.

You may feel very close with me because of how much I share about myself, but do note that this is a one-sided relationship. My interaction is with a screen and keyboard, not with you. So while you feel you know me, I do not know you at all.

Read this post in it’s entirety here

The post is both entertaining and insightful. The above quoted portion is one that rings true with me. Even though I am a sex blogger and enjoy sex and fucking, it does not mean I enjoy doing it with EVERYONE I see. I think men automatically assume I want to fuck and cyber with every man that says hello. I still have standards and I have preferences. Though I don’t have a physical “type” of man, I enjoy my men to be creative, intelligent and masters of the written word. They have to take care of themselves and look good to me.

I am a sex blogger, but I am not here for your entertainment. I allow you to read and see the most intimate parts of my life. I enjoy sharing these parts of me, as it makes me feel free and has helped many in the process. You are not entitled to fucking me. You are not entitled to cyber with me and you certainly are not entitled to expect me to post pictures of myself at your whim. Especially when there are hundreds already posted on this very blog.

Those I choose to get to know on a more intimate level are special to me and I hope they feel special as well. I am picky because I feel I am worthy of quality lovers. You won’t see me hitting up every man that comments on this blog or talks to me on twitter. Though publicly I flirt with many, there are few I take into my “bedroom”.

I am a strong, intelligent, independent and attractive woman who does not blog because she feels insecure and needs the attention. I’m just a happy person, loving my life and I enjoy talking about it, especially since my love life ventures more into the unconventional. It’s good to have a voice and hear the voices, opinions and advice of others.

You think you know a sex blogger… but do you really? We all have our reasons for being here. Don’t assume you know what mine is.

8 Responses to “How To Get A Sex Blogger To Have Sex With You”

  1. Osbasso says:

    I think, to a slightly less degree, the same thing goes for HNT. Far too many guys out here who think that when a woman posts some HNT skin, it means they’re easy, and basically marketing themselves to whomever thinks that they’re the one being targeted. Or that they’re inviting suggestive or rude comments, thinking that the woman will enjoy them. When in reality, they’re often disgusted with them.

    I like your statement that you’re not doing it for their entertainment, but that you’re allowing them to read about it. Too many out here that don’t grasp that concept…

    • Mina says:

      Oh absolutely! Just because I post pictures of myself doesn’t mean I want you to make crude comments. It’s absolutely insulting and not the point to why I post. Especially when my husband takes the pics. He’s trying to take a nice photograph.

      Thanks Os xoxoxo

  2. Aurore says:

    I love this post. It’s so true. Though amazingly I don’t get too many creepers through my blog somehow they are all on FL but it’s the same thing. I give you a glimpse it doesn’t mean I’m open for business.

    • Mina says:

      I don’t get much of any either. I get advances on twitter, but my general ignorance of them tends to make them go away. I think FL has a lot more creeps.


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  4. Black Pearl says:

    Thanks for posting this article, she says what many of us have thought on more than one occasion: I blog about sex, and no I don’t wanna fuck you!! Brilliant!

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  6. Mimi says:

    Absolutely well said, Mina! Amazing the liberties some feel entitled to take simply because they “know” you. I suppose on some level it is a “blogging (occupational) hazard” as we put so much of our intimate details out there for the whole world to view.

    I blog about sex bc I love it, and bc I find such joy in really good sex that I want to share it with others. This doesn’t exactly equate to me wanting to fuck everyone who happens to read the blog…LOL!

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