ass training, the reward

Daddy thought I did such a great job with my ass training, I received this email in the morning:

Daddy wants you to know, that you have been such a good girl… I hope you slept well and had dreams of Daddy fucking his little princess’s warm tight little pussy :)   .

For today’s reward,  we are going to encompass some of the things we learned this past week–mainly delayed gratification,  and the joy it can bring…  At 11:00am (your time),  I want you to use whatever you would like to bring yourself to the brink of orgasm,  BUT DO NOT CUM!!!   You will need to stop & can do whatever is necessary to prevent yourself from cumming.

Then at 12 noon,  you are to do the same thing… Bring yourself as close to an orgasm as you can WITHOUT cumming,  then stop and clear your mind to avoid cumming… Then repeat these steps again at 1:00,  2:00,  3:00,  and 4:00…  NO CUMMING IS ALLOWED!!!!  You will need to text Daddy how long it took to get to that point,  and what you did to get you there… You may wait to do this until you’ve calmed down enough that the thoughts won’t push you over the edge.

At 5:00,  you are to put on your nipple clamps (adjust them so they are just slightly uncomfortable–after all, this is a lesson on delayed gratification, NOT pain)… Insert anything (toy, plug, your choice) in your ass and while fucking your ass with it,  I want you to bring yourself to an intense orgasm(s),  you may use your eroscillator if you wish.   You need not stop at one, if the waves follow,  then go with them.   Then I want you to tell Daddy all about it,  as you tell me how your day went.

This makes Daddy happy princess,  and I hope it makes you happy as well… This allows Daddy to bond with his baby girl across the distance,  and as you once said,  it keeps Daddy in your thoughts as well…  Remember to let Daddy know of any scheduling conflicts.

<3 Daddy :)

There was a scheduling conflict right away. This morning I had the maintenance guy over to finish some work around the house. So I wasn’t able to start my reward till 1 today. Starting at 1 I used my eroscillator each hour to bring myself to the edge of orgasm. It only took a few minutes. The first few times I used the eroscillator on the lowest setting and almost directly on my clit. I concentrated on feeling my muscles while I just simply held the vibe in place. It was a very interesting experience to just lay back and feel my muscles constrict and release. I noticed I hold my breath a lot as I can feel my pc floors tighten. I was a very good girl and never let myself cum. By the end of the day, I was using the eroscillator at full strength while the head stimulated my cunt lips, allowing the vibrations to travel up to my clit. I was left with a fast pulse and aching throb each time.

When 5 o’clock rolled around, I went upstairs and stripped my clothes. I reached for my njoy medium pure plug and inserted it. I attached my nipple clamps with the chain on them. I decided I wanted to feel the weight of the chain pulling on my clamps, so instead of just laying on my back or stomach, I decided to sit upright, cowgirl style, and rub myself against the eroscillator. As my orgasm approached I could once again feel my muscles clamping and when I finally let go, it was an exhilarating sensation to feel my muscles convulsing and feeling the plug in my anus being pressed and released. It was an interesting afternoon of really focusing on how my body responds to my orgasm.

I wanted to enjoy this day more, but in all honesty, I was in a funk. The thrill of last weeks social buzz has slowly worn out as things have quieted down considerably. I am admit to having travel envy. Sylvanus is off visiting foreign places and enjoying foreign foods. Granted, he is working, but there is still a cool factor about it. Meanwhile, here I am in glorious and exciting, upstate NY. Just not much of anything going on around here. I look forward to my volunteer days as they help, at least, to keep me busy.

I admit to thinking that going upstairs to perform my orgasm denials each hour was such a chore. Of course, once up there, I really let myself enjoy the moment. When the time to have my orgasm came around, I wasn’t much in the mood, but I went upstairs and I made the most of it. I mean, it’s an orgasm and still feels fantastic!

I’m just in a funk right now, missing Sylvanus and wishing things weren’t so quiet around here. Oh well, I’ll shake out of it soon enough. I am really looking forward to when I get to go out and see him next month. He already has so much planned for us and it’s all a delicious surprise for me!

10 Responses to ass training, the reward

  1. Charlie says:

    I’m so glad that you’ve found a Dom that you like! That’s great you have someone to play with while you wait to visit Sylvanus.

    Great post! I enjoy reading about your toys as well. I’m going to start a wish list for myself based on products you like.

  2. Shame you weren’t in the mood to get the best out of your orgasm. Sometimes we just to cum though don’t we, whether it’s with our favourite sex toy or just a bit of good old fashioned finger fucking!

  3. This has put lots of lovely ideas in my head.

    You are delicious.

    • Mina says:

      I hope someone gets to benefit from these lovely ideas even if it’s not me. Happy to be of inspiration! And thank you. I love being delicious!


  4. Angel says:

    I have always wanted to try nipple clamps

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