Deflowering Baby Girl

Those who have been reading our site for a while are probably familiar with Mina’s infamous (and ongoing) Baby girl/Daddy series. For those of you who aren’t, some highly recommended reading:

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So with those decadent, deviant, (and I forget the third dimension of lust) thoghts in your mind, let me tell you what happened upon my arrival home this afternoon. I knew something was up. Firstly, I had Mina telling me she had a surprise for me. Always a good clue. She mentioned shaving clean, and wanting to have enough time to set things up at home. So, I agreed to do some Christmas shopping so she would have time to get her plan together. After sorting some things out at the mall, I finally get my text message. Since she asked me to take my time, I finished looking at the store I was in (and deciding that she probably didn’t want Aragorn’s sword from The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King) and headed home. I had some ideas where she was going with everything, but still, when it is Mina, you had best be ready for anything.

I come home, and everything is ordinary. Then, from the living room a cute, childish voice pipes up. “Hi Daddy, how was your day?”

Well, this is different.

It would turn out that Baby girl had been bad. She had been touching herself where only Daddy was before. And her friend mark wanted to touch her there, too. I asked her how many times she had touched herself. She guessed ten. I knew it was a lot more, of course, but it was more important she admitted what she was doing than fleshing out every last detail. So difficult being a Daddy sometimes. You try to teach…

Obviously, Baby girl needed a spanking. So, she counted out each of her ten spankings and I lifted her skirt up. New panties…yes, she did tell me about those when I got home. I was distracted by her idling sucking a candy cane at that moment. Her hair was delicately pinned back, and the striped shirt and candy striped skirt…and those knee-high argyle stockings! No way those were coming off tonight. At the end of her spanking, she had another confession. She had been telling mark about the games that we play. This made me angry. I had told her others wouldn’t understand…now mark wanted to play, too. I was very hurt by this. I know she never means to hurt me…but she is so sweet and innocent. I stood up, pacing.

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” That sweet, innocent voice.

“Do you want to make Daddy feel better?” She smiled and nodded. “Then you need to apologize to Daddy. You remember how to apologize to Daddy?” She bobbed her head and kneeled in front of me, rubbing me through my slacks. Oh my beautiful little Baby girl makes me hard so quickly…”Daddy’s going to need a kiss. The best kiss.” She smiled shyly and scrunched her head against her shoulder as her finger went to my belt. Such a good girl.

As she pulled my pants off, she found that I had worn my sexy stretch black boxer briefs. She couldn’t help smiling at those. She rubbed my swelling cock through the underwear with her tiny hands, not pulling them down until it was time. I have taught her well. I smiled down at her. “Do you want Daddy to forgive you?” She bit her lips with a smile and nodded. “Can Daddy forgive you with your shirt on?”

“I don’t knoooooow…” Okay…maybe not that well.

“You know the rules, Baby girl.”

“Okaaay.” She pulled her shirt off, and gorgeous, well developed breasts fell into view. I reached down and rubbed her nipple.

“Does that make you feel better?” She smiled up at me.

“Yes it does,” her cute, childlike voice said.

“Good. Now, you can give Daddy the best kiss.” Her face broke into a happy grin as she pulled my briefs down, my thick cock swinging in front of her. She kissed it happily, before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it. I sighed happily as I thought about my Baby girl. She was growing up so fast, and boys were noticing her. She had grown curves that seemed to dance even when she was asleep, and her athletic little body was almost irresistible. I knew she could never be just mine, even if I would always be her Daddy.

“Baby girl, you know boys are going to start being interested in you, right?”

“Uh-huh.” She continued happily slurping away at my cock.

“And you know they are going to want more than to just kiss you, right?” She started to seem perplexed.

“I guesssss.”

“Well, Daddy wants you to know what they are going to want with you, because I don’t want you to be shocked by it. And I also want them to know how lucky they are to be with you. But you need to make sure that you pick a special boy to play with okay?” She nodded uncomprehendingly. “And you need to make sure you bring him home so Daddy knows about him, too.” Another nod. “Okay, then Daddy is going to show you what the boys are going to want.” She smiled. She always loved to learn, my little darling.

“I need you to take your skirt off.” She did it with a smile, revealing her panties, sea green with a little rainbow across the front. So adorable. “I like your new panties.”

“I thought you would!”

“Well, these are going to have to go too.” I slid them down her legs…to she she was completely bare beneath. She grinned, her fingers going ot her mouth shyly.

“I cleaned up for you, Daddy.” Mmmmm; and did she ever!

“Thank you, Baby girl. I need you to lay down on the bed, with your legs apart.”

“Okay,” she said as confused washed over her face again.

“You know when Daddy gets very happy he also gets all messy?” She grinned and nodded. She always loved that. “Well, boys are going to want you to give them the best kiss until the get messy messy in your mouth.” She seemed perplexed by the idea at first…and it was funny to her.


“Now, if you do that, you need to make sure it is for a very special boy, and once you do, you need to make sure that gives you that kiss back, like Daddy does. And he has to get you to the happy place, too. Okay.”

“Okay! I like the happy place!”

Finally, I just had to lick her. She was entirely too tempting, her body bare like this. She moaned softly, her childlike voice sweetly singing her pleasure. As she relaxed, I knew it was time to tell Baby girl the rest of the story. “The boys are going to want more than the kiss, though. They are going to want to put their boy parts inside your special place.”

“Inside?” She was so shocked.

“Yes, I know Baby girl, it seems strange, but it can feel even better than the Best kiss.”

Her eyes grew wide. “Better?”

I smiled. She loved to feel good, and this was going to be such a treat. “But Baby girl, if a boy doesn’t do it right the first time it could really hurt. That’s why Daddy is going to do it first. He doesn’t want some clumsy boy hurting his Baby girl.”

I sighed, looking at my darling Baby girl. “I always knew you would become a woman, but I didn’t think it would start tonight. But you will always be my Baby girl, right?” She smiled, and nodded, grinning.

“Thank you, Daddy.” So, I continued to lick her for a bit, telling her that she was still a virgin right now, and would have to tell boys that she still was, even though Daddy was going to take her virginity. Finally I slid up.

“Are you ready?”

“Yes I am, Daddy.” I pressed against her, piercing her body, my erection slipping into her slowly. She gasped. “This feels weird…but it’s good, Daddy.” As I could sense her relaxing and enjoying it, I began to slide up and down some more.

“Baby girl…I want you to go to your happy place. I won’t stop till you get there.”

“Okay Daddy.” I feel her socked feed on my back as she focused on her body. I told her to squeeze Daddy, which she did, and her voice grew louder. Eventually, her childlike voice broke in a loud cry, as I felt her come on a man’s cock for the first time. Baby girl had had her first real orgasm.

“Now Baby girl, Daddy need to feel good, too. You do take those pills he got for you, right?”

“Yes I do.” Thank God…I didn’t think I could stop now, and I didn’t want to. I came inside her young pussy…she felt so wonderful. We laid together like that for a little while. I pulled out, and she giggled. “I’m all wet!” she laughed. I explained to her that no boy could have gotten her to the happy place…he would have been done too fast. That’s why Daddy had to be her first. Daddy would make sure she was well taken care of. She smiled and snuggled into me.

After a few quite minutes I looked down and saw Mina’s eyes. She was smiling, her eyes sparkling. Role play is always so much fun, but this she seemed to have enjoyed even more. She loved getting to live her fantasy like this. I reminded her that Daddy would have much to teach Baby girl yet. The boys would want many things.

Mina grinned. “I can’t wait till he teaches her Doggie Style!” We laughed, and talked for a bit. Then the mood struck again.

“You know, Daddy had a very hard day at work and he needs to relax.” Her eyes went innocent again, and her voice turned back into Baby girl’s.

“What does Daddy want me to do?”

“He needs you to help him relax. Get on all fours like a dog…”

I was amazed that I could be hard again so fast…and more amazed that I came again. It felt terrific…and she felt me pulse over…and over…and over into her. Seconds are so nice…

When Mina came back after that one, we were both quite hungry. I went to the kitchen to collect dinner, and she informed me she was going to put her panties back on. I was shocked. “You don’t want come stains on those, that’s so wrong.” Of course, that is exactly why she promptly put them on. About five seconds later, her face was beet red as she looked down. There was a clear wet spot forming right down the center of her little girl panties.

So, naturally, I took a picture for all to see. Happy Tuesday, everyone!
Baby girl - After her big night

The bruise on her right knee was from a gas pump. The ones on her left thigh…that’s all me. :-)

Disclaimer: I realize this one is a little “out there.” We were playing, we’re both at least 29 and it was fun because it wasn’t real. I am not fantasizing about young girls, just Mina pretending to be one.

10 Responses to Deflowering Baby Girl

  1. bohocrush says:

    wow! so yummy, oh!


    It was indeed a very sinfully yummy experience. We had fun!

    xoxoxox mina

  2. Sage says:

    girls are noticing Baby Girl as well :-)


    yes they are. I have so many play dates!

    xoxoxox mina

  3. Mike says:

    what a great roll play story, yummy indeed ;)


    And it was soo much more than a story for us. *smiles*

    xoxoox mina

  4. pixiepie says:

    from one baby girl to another…can we have a play date? pretty please?


    Absolutely! I can’t seem to be able to shake this baby girl feeling. I do want a playmate.. daddy says I can have one. I think he thinks you would be perfect for me.

    xoxoxox mina

  5. Little Cub says:

    You both write wonderfully and I’ve loved reading your sites so far. Thanks for posting. This is excellent :D

  6. A. says:

    Dear Mina,

    Your Baby Girl adventures are too cute and charming.
    You make the stories deliciously innocent and naturally dirty.

    Can’t wait to read more of them!

    Your Reader,


  7. [...] in the coming year, not counting NaBloPoMo. I also want to write a post that will displace “Deflowering Baby Girl” as our most-read post on a daily [...]

  8. Olllie says:

    came across this by accident – and it made me want to throw up

  9. Elyssa says:

    Wow my Daddy needs to read this..(btw in real life we are both over 40)so people who have no imagination should be ignored, it was a great role play story! Gosh i am finding some fantastic writers out there. This blog is way up there and i just found it. elyssa

  10. carsman says:

    interesging post, i love it

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